What are the Christmas Color Trends for 2021

The holidays are just around the corner, and you're probably looking for a new color scheme to use in your holiday decorating. We have some great news for you! The traditional red and green have been popular for the past few years, but there are two Christmas color trends for 2021 you'll want to pay attention to.

  1.   dramatic and sophisticated with burnished berry tones and gold accents
  2.   natural, earthy, and muted tones with a focus on sustainable materials

According to Good Housekeeping, we'll be seeing twists on tradition that incorporate sustainable materials and DIY into our holiday decor.

What are the Christmas Color Trends for 2021

Burnished berry tones and gold accents

Why choose red and green when you could use raspberry, grape, or plum? It's a fantastic color scheme that is sure to impress your guests.

If you're wondering what exactly a burnished berry tone is, think deep wine reds and rich purples. They pair beautifully with gold accents creating drama and sophistication.

Natural, earthy, and muted tones with a focus on sustainable materials

If you're not into the rich winter hues, there's the option to keep things simple and understated by bringing in the beauty of the outdoors and the simplicity of DIY.

While you don't have to go full green, why not consider bringing some of that outdoorsy feeling into your festive decor? Think natural fabrics like cotton and linens for tablecloths or tabletop decorations. Also, make sure to include greenery and flowers in your decorating, regardless of what colors you use.

With just a few minor tweaks, you can go from festive to earth-friendly in no time!

Why not combine the two?

Trees wrapped in burlap ribbon and adorned with sugar plum ornaments sound to us like a perfect pairing.

Flowers also make for beautiful natural and sustainable decorations. Combine the two trends by decorating your Christmas tree, wreaths, and/or table with clusters of cherry-colored dahlias, eucalyptus sprigs, and trailing grape clusters or opt for plum calla lilies, silver brunia, and succulents.

Why are red and green Christmas colors?

Most people are accustomed to the traditional colors of Christmas which include red and green. But why have these two colors become so popular?

According to NPR the red and green of Christmas can be attributed to two things: holly and coca-cola. It's an odd mix of ancient culture and modern advertising blending together to create today's custom.

American culture embraced the jolly red coca-cola Santa and adopted red and green as the official colors of Christmas. Still, every year new trends emerge and while red and green are considered the classics it's always fun to mix things up a bit.

Christmas decoration trends in 2021

It's not just the colors that are changing. People are trying their hand at DIY Christmas decorations this year. Whether this is because we all found a new hobby or two during the pandemic or because the supply chain has created a shortage of Christmas decorations, the fact is that DIY is a trend worth embracing.

DIY Christmas decorations can be as simple as repurposing an old jar into a candle holder or as complex as hand-made paper garland. There are even tutorials from making living Christmas wreaths to repurposing last year's Christmas cards into beautiful decorations.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home for this year, it will be beautiful!

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