Top 6 Reasons to Buy a Fresh Christmas Tree This Year

You may have heard there is a Christmas tree shortage this year and it's led you to wonder if buying a fresh cut Christmas tree is still a good idea. The answer is a clear yes. The fact that there is a shortage simply means you'll need to get your order in sooner.

Why you might buy a fake tree (but still shouldn't)

When you choose an artificial tree over buying a fresh Christmas tree, there are a few advantages. Explore RealSimple highlights three, though whether or not they are truly an advantage depends on perspective.

  1. Reuse it year after year to save money
  2. No mess or maintenance
  3. Fire-resistant
  4. Customizable

Here's where those advantages break down.

  1. Fake trees initially are more money. You'll need to use the same one for approximately 5 years to really call it a bargain. Plus how boring, unless of course, you love repetition.
  2. This isn't really true. Fake needles fall off trees too. They are also hazardous to pets when swallowed. And as for maintenance, you've got to figure out how and where to store the tree, then assemble it, and hope it doesn't break or get attacked by the cat during that first 5 years.
  3. When watered daily and kept from heat sources, fresh-cut Christmas trees don't catch fire either.
  4. Ok, you've got us there. Mother Nature doesn't exactly take custom orders. But that's kind of what makes her awesome!

Following are 6 reasons why fresh Christmas trees are always better than manufactured ones.

6 reasons to purchase a fresh Christmas tree this year

One of the most exciting parts about Christmas is putting up your beautiful tree. However, when you buy a fresh-cut Christmas tree it's not only beautiful, it also has advantages over the fake ones!

Here are six reasons why buying a fresh Christmas tree this year is the right decision:

#1 Better for the environment

Real Christmas trees are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. Frasier Firs are considered sustainable crops that can be replenished.

A fresh-cut Christmas tree is better for the environment because it is less wasteful to produce and transport. Overall it has a smaller carbon footprint than a manufactured one.

In fact, every acre of forest land set aside for growing Christmas trees sequesters about 4800 lbs of CO² from the atmosphere each year – that's just shy of one ton.

On the other hand, artificial trees are made from petroleum-based plastics and require energy to produce. Then they are transported long distances requiring more fuel which results in added CO² emissions.

#2 Support local business

Buying a fresh cut Christmas tree helps support local businesses which is great for the economy. The best place to buy your new Christmas tree? Local farms or the local businesses that source from those farms.

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn we find the best fresh Christmas trees by visiting countless tree farms to maintain the high standards of the Fraser Firs we sell. 

#3 You can't beat the smell of a fresh Fraser Fir

The woody musk feels the air, intermingling with the delicious smells of chocolate, cinnamon, cider, and baking treats this time of year. You can't get that in a candle and definitely not from a manufactured plastic tree!

#4 They are better priced

An artificial tree is not less expensive, for you or for the environment.  The energy that goes into its production is much more than the cost of a cut tree. An artificial Christmas tree can last for years, but when you factor in all of the resources used to make it and transport it, they are no bargain!

Because natural Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, so do the prices!  Buying a real Christmas tree is affordable. At Christmas Tree Brooklyn we've been outselling the competition with Christmas tree prices that are up to 50% less than theirs, plus we deliver for free!

#5 They are easy to care for!

Did you know that a fresh-cut Christmas tree will last up to six weeks after it is cut and placed in water? And best of all keeping them fresh for that long isn't difficult.  All you have to do is keep it watered!

While manufactured tree suppliers would like you to believe they are easier to care for, it's simply not true.

#6 They take up less space in your house AND in landfills

Storage can quickly become a problem in NYC. The last thing you want is to have to pay to store a fake tree or worse yet, keep it in your home where it is taking up valuable closet real estate.

That's not the only place that fake trees take up space. Landfills are full of them. While a manufactured tree might last you more than a year, it isn't a forever investment. Eventually, it will wear out and need to be replaced.

Fake trees are not recyclable and will take years to break down. Real Christmas trees can easily be recycled. They've been used to build underwater habitats for fish, crafted into coasters and air fresheners, and (a favorite for New Yorkers) recycled into mulch.

Fresh Christmas trees are simply a better choice than artificial ones. When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing quite like decorating your home with a fresh Fraser Fir, the smell filling every room.

When you order your tree from us we also deliver for free! We have the best fresh cut Christmas trees at the best prices. Order now.