How to Water a Christmas Tree

The first thing to know about watering your Christmas tree is that it needs to be watered every day. A freshly cut tree can drink an entire gallon of water in 24 hours. So to make sure your tree stays fresh and the needles stay on the tree and off your floor, you need to make sure it has plenty to drink.

How much water does a Christmas tree need? 

On average, a Christmas tree needs as much water as a human, one gallon a day. Don't be alarmed if they don't drink this much every day or if they don't drink anything at all at first.

If your Christmas tree is not drinking water one day, it will make up for it the next. Like humans, their thirst will vary. Some days will require more water than others. During other days they may only take a few sips.

A lot depends on the environment they are in and the size of the tree.

Your tree requires one quart of water for every inch of its diameter.

How often do I need to water the Christmas tree?

As soon as the tree arrives in your home, water it. Don't freak out if the Christmas tree isn't drinking water right away.

It can take up to 48 hours before the tree settles in and accepts your hospitality. That's why it's so important to fill the tree stand immediately. If you wait a day and it's hesitant, then that's 72 hours before it takes that first drink.

Check your tree's water every single day.

Never let the water drop below the base.

You don't want to let the water level dip below the base of the trunk. The cut needs always to be touching the water to drink it. Trees need to drink from a fresh cut, not one that's hardened over from sap.

If you arrive home with your tree and the cut isn't fresh, you'll need to make a new cut. Saw two inches off the bottom before placing it in water. Make sure not to cut off the bark to fit the stand; this will damage the tree and hinder it from drinking all it needs.

Having a fresh cut is one of the reasons having the tree delivered and set up is optimal to going to a tree lot and picking one out yourself.

Should I feed sugar water to my Christmas tree?

Contrary to what your grandmother told you, sugar water and/or sprite is not the best food for a tree. White processed sugar isn't great for our bodies or your new living addition to the den.

Your tree also does not need aspirin, and please don't give it bleach. This isn't just a hazard for the tree but also for any pets or small children who might be tempted to take a sip.

So what do you put in Christmas tree water to keep the tree fresh? We're glad you asked.

Fresh, clean water is the absolute most important thing you can give your tree. However, it will benefit from tree nutrition specially created to help it stay fresh longer.

At CTB we have a specially formulated Tree Life Extension Solution to help your Fraser Fir maintain its freshness. It's a blend of the nutrients it needs to retain its delicious smell and vibrant colors. So make sure to add the solution to your order at checkout and our elves will deliver it along with your tree.  

5 steps for a well-hydrated Christmas tree

To review and make it simpler to remember, we've broken down the steps necessary to water your Christmas tree.

Step 1

Choose the freshest tree possible. Find one that is well-branched, has an attractive shape, and is freshly cut. Of course, another great solution is to let our elves do this for you! We've already picked out the finest Fraser Firs from the farm, ensuring that every single one we deliver is fresh and vibrant.

We are so confident you'll love it that we have a Perfect Christmas Tree guarantee.

Step 2

Place the tree in a stand with a water reservoir. Make sure that the water is always touching the base of the tree.

Step 3

 Keep your tree away from heat sources  (e.g., fireplaces) and drafts (e.g., doors or windows)

Step 4

Make sure the cats aren't drinking the Christmas tree water!

Step 5

Check the water level every single day. Do it every morning while you're drinking your coffee so that you don't forget. Make it a habit, just like feeding the children or walking the dog.

Water daily & remember fire safety

When you follow the steps above, your tree will remain fresher longer. Not only does that mean it won't drop those pesky needles on your floor, but it will also smell nicer, and stay greener longer. Watering daily will keep your tree from drying out. Following all of the steps above will help reduce the fire risk of adding Christmas decorations to your house.

Remember at the beginning of the season to always check your fire alarms and replace the batteries. Also, keep your tree away from fireplaces and space heaters. In addition to making sure your tree doesn't dry out, make sure to check the electrical decorations that you add to the tree. Don't use frayed or exposed electrical wires.

For safe ways to recycle your tree after the holidays, check out the Old Farmer's Almanac, or add that service on at checkout when you order your tree from us and we'll take care of the recycling too!

Start and end your holiday with a beautiful Fraser Fir. Order your tree today!