Get Creative: Decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon this year

There are many ways to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon. Top it with a big red bow for a classic look, or create a waterfall of jute for a rustic one. 

Adding ribbon to the tree does not have to be complicated. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wire ribbon (it holds its shape better) 
  • Sharp scissors (no running, please)
  • Clips to hold the ribbon in place (you can get creative with this one) 

Before we begin, put the scissors down. No cutting until you’ve sorted through the following Christmas tree ribbon ideas and landed on your favorite. Seriously, I don’t want to add a stapler to the list or have to send you back to the store. 


Christmas Trees

Get inspired! Christmas trees with ribbon

Take a look at all of these beautiful designs! A Christmas tree with ribbon can work with nearly any decor and in any space, and it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of ribbon to work with or just a little. 

Now that we’ve gone scrolling for inspiration, it’s time to make some decisions. 

Decision time

Who knew decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon came with so many options? 

It’s not an if your tree will look like it came right out of a magazine because it will. The question actually is which ribbon display to choose from. 

  • Will you go with a large bow on top or a small one? 
  • Will you drape the ribbon from top to bottom?
  • Will you wrap it loosely around the tree after you’ve put up ornaments, or will you wrap it tightly before the decorations? 
  • Do you want a soft minimal look or an exciting pop of color?

The good news is that whatever you decide, hanging ribbon from a tree is not nearly as complicated as the trend to hang the Christmas tree from the ceiling. You’ve got this one. Easy. 

Tips for decorating a tree with ribbon

To make the creative process a little easier, we do have a few tips for putting ribbon on a Christmas tree. 

Put on some Christmas music and make a cup of hot chocolate! Set the mood. Tree decorating is a process to be enjoyed. 

Kick the pets out of the room. Having a cat chase ribbon as you’re unwinding it might be funny now, but it won’t be tomorrow when the cat thinks his toy is up a tree and tries to rescue it. Plus, no one wants dog slobbered on ribbons. That’s just not pretty. 

Use a wired ribbon and wait till you’ve made your decision to cut any strips. The store is crowded. You don’t want to go back out there. In fact, if it’s not deliverable, just don’t bother (the same can be said for the tree). 

You can use one design or color of ribbon for the entire tree or mix it up and get creative. Themes are fun, but so is spontaneity. 

The same is true for how you hang the ribbon. Try varying your sizes. Hang long strands from top to bottom but then twist a few smaller ones to frame ornaments. Play with the many options, mix and match.

When you put ribbon on the Christmas tree, it can function as the primary decoration or accent the others. 

Get creative! It’s your tree. 

Build some memories that will last for years. So whether you prefer an evening alone with Christmas music and wine, or are someone who throws a party and the tinsel randomly, honor your holiday spirit and don’t skimp on the ribbon. 

A Christmas tree worth tying a bow on

For those who want a tad bit more guidance, here’s a great 16 minute tutorial on how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree (5 different techniques).

This holiday, give yourself a break. Let our Christmas elves deliver and set up your tree while you cut the ribbon! 

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