You know it’s Christmas Time in Brooklyn When… – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Whether you live here in New York City, or somewhere else in the world, there’s no denying one thing: Brooklyn has one of the most distinctive, beautiful neighborhoods during the Winter Holidays. Take a walk with us through some of our favorite parts, and discover the magic this beautiful city has to offer.

Morgan & Melanie are taking a stroll with me through the neighborhood. Let’s see what’s going on out here in this awesome area of Brooklyn.

You know it’s Christmas in Brooklyn when…

img_0205-mediumWreaths, and trees line the streets everywhere.

You can hardly go a block without seeing Christmas trees and decorated wreaths lined up on a-frames and stacked in every nook and cranny outside of bodegas and markets.img_0206-mediumWe found this Christmas tree stand set up outside of Key Foods in Prospect Heights.

img_0207-mediumAnother Christmas tree stand on Flatbush and 7th Ave. These guys drove all the way up from Virginia to set up here. Welcome to NYC!

img_0208-mediumThe brownstone buildings are decked out with Christmas decorations. Garland, wreaths, and Christmas decor everywhere!

img_0203-medium So many beautiful colors to be seen around the neighborhood. Plenty of beauty to be found. And did we mention all of the awesome wreaths!?




This one had REAL pears in it. I touched one to make sure. They were a little mushy. But very cool all the same!

img_0217-medium img_0216-medium

Morgan strikes a pose on someone’s bountifully decorated stoop. Looking good!


Garland everywhere! Brownstone stoops are the perfect place for these decorative strings of spruce.

img_0211-medium img_0210-medium

Your friendly neighborhood UPS guy Johnny is working crazy hours trying to get everyone their Christmas gifts in time for the Holidays. He is truly the unsung hero of Christmas !

The wreaths and trees are fresh, and full of life. Look at the close up on the Christmas Tree Brooklyn wreath Morgan has at her own home. Alive, and well.

img_0197-mediumimg_0199-medium  Here’s a close-up of Morgan’s tree. Even tree sellers need some Holiday spirit in their homes!

img_0190-medium img_0187-mediumWhen the dogs are wearing their best Christmas sweaters. Caught this little fella with one of our neighbors out in front of the Christmas Tree Brooklyn stand on Underhill Ave.


He thought the camera was food, so it was hard to get him to sit still for a photo shoot!


You can’t get enough coffee in your body. There’s just so much to do! Thanks to our friends at Blue Marble Ice Cream (shout out to Keely, pictured below) we never have to be without the best coffee in Brooklyn.img_0233-medium

For more Christmas tours around Brooklyn and New York City, check out our blog! If you were wondering where to buy a Christmas tree, we’ve got you covered for that too. Head over to our homepage to get started. Happy Holidays!