We Love New York Families Like Kayla & Her Mom – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

We Love New York Families Like Kayla & Her Mom

Christmas is a joy-filled occasion for most NYC families.

For some, who are barely getting by, luxuries like Christmas trees and gifts–the things that make Christmas magical for kids–are just not possible.

Earlier this week, we featured a struggling New York family who needed a little extra community support to get through the Holidays.

This year has been hard for the family of two. Mary lost her husband, and 9 year old Kayla lost her father. Unable to work due to medical problems, Mary was forced to seek help from a homeless services organization.

She found a roof to put over her daughter’s head, but she was unable to pay for the Christmas experience every child deserves. A Christmas tree, and some presents under the tree, to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

She contacted us, and we were immediately struck by her sincerity and dedication to her daughter.

Despite the toughest circumstances, this young mom was determined to give her daughter a sense of normalcy. Through mom’s dedication, and a little help from her NYC neighbors, the family now has a beautiful Christmas tree and presents from the Christmas Tree Brooklyn staff to go under it.

Above: Kayla with her Christmas tree