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This NYC Mom Needs a Christmas Miracle for her Daughter of 9

Christmas is a magical time of the year.

But for some families, like that of Mary and her daughter Kayla, it can be a time of great heartache.

Last August, Mary lost her husband–and Kayla lost her dad. They were devastated emotionally, and financially–left to fend for themselves during one of the most difficult times of the year. Mary, who suffers medical problems, is unable to work–but she makes sure that her Kayla is well provided for.

They are enrolled in a shelter program, and receive enough money to buy food, but they have nothing left over to spend on luxuries many of us take for granted. Without the help of their community, there will be no magic for Kayla on Christmas morning. No presents. Not even a tree.

Everyone remembers how magical Christmas was for them as a kid. It’s an experience no child should have to grow up without.

Hoping to make that possible for her own daughter, Mary set out on the internet to find help.

She messaged us on Facebook, responding to an ad we put out on Craigslist offering a free tree to a family in need.

“I am retired not by choice its because of my health. I worked as an outreach worker for many years. My husband died just this august that passed. It’s been a real struggle since then on one income. I manage to get things done the basics. Unfortunately this Christmas i just don’t have to make anything happen for my little girl. She is very smart good grades , respectful. She deserves the world and i wish i could give it to her…”

We verified her story with her case manager at the NYC Department of Homeless Services, and we’d like to rally our community together in support of this struggling (but spirited) family of two.

To help make her Christmas amazing, we’re going to be giving Mary and Kayla the full Christmas tree set-up:

A Christmas tree of any size
A stand & set-up service for the tree
& Lights to make it shine bright

We need your help

We are looking for caring Christmas Tree Brooklyn friends and family to help provide Christmas presents for Kayla & to bring the magic of Christmas into a household that so desperately needs it this year.

Donations can be made in the form of money or toys.

To donate $10:

Please click the button below. All donations will be used by Christmas Tree Brooklyn to purchase toys for Kayla (from Santa).


To donate toys:

Bring them (wrapped or unwrapped) to Christmas Tree Brooklyn at 184 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Kayla likes:
Powerpuff girls
My little pony
Monster High
Dork Diary Books
Drawing (and she’s good at it!)