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SoHo Trees vs. Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Here at Christmas Tree Brooklyn, we pride ourselves on our low prices and excellent service. We know that New Yorkers have many choices when it comes to buying your tree and strive to be your best choice. That’s why we’re taking a look at the competition, what they offer and what their previous customers have had to say about them. We’ll start with SoHo Trees.

Selection and prices

SoHo trees offers online ordering and nine retail locations around New York City with their flagship store located at 6th Ave. and Spring in SoHo Square. This tree seller promises “Grade 1 Christmas trees plus free stand, delivery and professional installation with online order.”

SoHo Trees offers four choices online, each with stand and delivery. The smallest includes a 4-5’ Blue Ridge Fraser Fir, Cinco Polymer X-Mas Tree Stand with custom delivery/installation for $129.95. (Those stands are the Cinco Polymer plastic stands going for $22 at Home Depot.)

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you can get a 4- to 5-foot tree for $48 to $60, $29 for the stand and $19.95 for set-up. Delivery is free, so you’d pay $97 to $109 for the same size Fraser Fir you’d pay SoHo Trees $129.95 for.

The largest option at SoHo Trees is a 7-8’ Blue Ridge Fraser Fir, Cinco Polymer X-Mas Tree Stand with Custom Delivery/Installation for $259.95.

For a 7-8 foot tree at Christmas Tree Brooklyn you’d pay $84 to $96 for the tree, $29 for the stand and $49.95 for the set-up. With free delivery, that’s $163 to $175 for the same size tree that is going for $259.95 at SoHo Trees.

If you want more choices, Christmas Tree Brooklyn has trees in sizes from 3 feet to 14 feet with stands to match. If you already have a stand and lights, they’re optional. So are tree food and wreaths.


On Yelp, SoHo Trees has gotten mixed reviews. While some happy customers praised their trees and service, others complained of high prices and dry trees. Here are three examples.

“Bought a tree from their Greenwich/Chambers St location. We went the day after Thanksgiving and paid $160 for a 5-6 foot tall tree. Haven’t really bought many trees before so it wasn’t until I walked by Whole Foods a few days later and saw similar trees selling for $60 that I realized I’d been had. Oh well, live and learn right?”

“I went by the Greenwich St stand in Tribeca today and picked out a tree and was quote $265 for tree, stand and delivery and that it would be delivered within an hour. Three hours later I called and there was a big scramble of confusion of the tree and my order delivery. 2 hours go by and the tree finally shows up and two guys put it up in the stand and told me it was $445! I explained that I had been quoted the other price and that this was ridiculous and they told me whoever the guy was that quoted me the original price was ‘the night guy and didn’t know’ and that this was a $445 tree…”

“whatever you do do not buy your tree on the phone from this company. they charged me 414$ to deliver me a 5 foot tree and 10 strings of lights. i ordered a 6-7 foot tree. i ordered the tree about a week ago and it is already dead. do not buy from this place. i don’t know what i was thinking. they sell the same size type tree on my corner for $100 which includes delivery. I was expecting a beautiful 7 foot tree but instead i have a 5 foot tree that is almost dead. i thought by spending a little more money i would have a beautiful tree that last. it was a huge waste of money. never again.”

Custom trees and wreaths

On the plus side, SoHo Trees offers decorating by a professional designer, your choice of five species of trees and custom work on large trees and wreaths. If you have a special idea for holiday decor for your home or office and the budget to pay for it, SoHo Trees should be able to give you what you’re looking for.

If you want the lowest price on a fresh, full Fraser Fir and free same-day delivery, Christmas Tree Brooklyn is the smart choice!