Soho Christmas Trees – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Soho Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Brooklyn is coming to Soho in Manhattan!

Right now, street prices in the area start as high as $25 per foot–and depending on the time of day, or who’s working, you might get charged as much as $70 per foot!

We don’t think that’s right.

That’s why we’re offering better trees, for less, AND giving away delivery at no extra cost!

Our trees start at just $12 per foot. For a 6 foot tree, that’s only $72. And our quality is guaranteed. If you don’t like anything about your tree, just let us know within 24 hours and we’ll replace it for free.

Whether you buy your tree from one of our stands around NYC, or online on our website, you’ll always get the same affordable price and free delivery service.

We took a walk through one of the Christmas tree stands in the area to get the lowdown on what they’re offering. The trees, wreaths and decorations actually looked really nice–the only thing that didn’t make sense to us was the shocking sticker price.

We heard the sales guy talking to a customer as we walked through–a 6-foot Fraser the customer was looking was going to run them $185. That’s $30 per foot! We have the same tree for just $72.


Some really cool decorations at their merch tent. Some of the Canadian vendors on the street actually make these wood snowmen and reindeer by hand! I think these are the prefabricated kind, though. Still really festive, and fun, though.


More fun decorations. Decorative plastic, and glass ornaments, among others.


The sales guy chatting with some customers. Looks like a very clean, well-organized tree stand! We were very impressed. The only thing that needs improvement is the price.