Should you buy a real Christmas tree or a Fake Christmas Tree? – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Should you buy a real Christmas tree or a Fake Christmas Tree?

Every year about this time the debate begins: Get a real tree or an artificial one? To help you make a decision, here are a few pros and cons for both.

Real Trees – The Pros

The scent

Nothing says “Christmas ” like the scent of a real tree and the way it fills the whole room is nothing short of magic.

The look

A well-shaped fir or other evergreen lends itself perfectly to lights, tinsel and all the other traditional decorations that look so wonderful.

It’s recyclable

The huge tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC will be chopped up into wood that will be used by Habitats for Humanity to build homes for the needy. Smaller trees can be chopped up for firewood.

Real Trees – The Cons

Not reusable

A natural tree is good for one Christmas and that’s it. You can prolong its freshness with tree food and regular watering but it won’t last forever.

Not fireproof

Every year the news is full of tragic stories about fires caused by Christmas trees. Most of these could have been avoided by observing safety precautions but having a real tree requires a bit of work.


The prices of high quality trees are higher than ever this year due to drought and other environmental problems.

Artificial Trees – The Pros


Provided you store it carefully, an artificial tree can last for several years. This is probably the number-one selling point for the fake tree.

Less expensive

Artificial trees are available at a wide range of prices from the cheapest small trees starting at under $20 to large pre-lit trees selling for thousands of dollars. A pre-lit 30-foot New Grand Teton tree by Vickerman is priced at $38,000, but there’s an artificial tree for every budget and again, you can use it for more than one year.


A real tree looks like, well, a real tree. Since artificial trees are not bound by nature, the possibilities are unlimited. Artificial trees can be unlit, pre-lit, LED-lit, flocked or unflocked and in just about any color or material. Green models that resemble real trees are the most popular but if you want something different, there are plenty of options.


Artificial trees are treated to be flame retardant so there’s much less danger of catching fire. You do still have to use care with the lights, however.

Artificial Trees – The Cons


That old tree you toss out will lurk for decades in a landfill somewhere. Alas, most plastic is non-recyclable.

It looks like a fake tree

This is the biggest drawback to the artificial tree. It’s artificial and will never look or smell like a real, freshly cut Fir.