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Christmas Trees Held at the US-Canada Border

As the U.S., Canada and Mexico continue to hammer out the details of a new trade agreement, extra scrutiny at the Canadian border is causing a hold up on some people getting their Christmas trees.

Dan Sevigny has a lot of sweeping to do. On Friday, Christmas trees are overflowing from his storage lot in Brooklyn. But that wasn't the case just a few days ago.

"So we get a call from our customs broker and they say that homeland security is holding our trees and we don't know when they're going to come out," he said." SEE FULL VIDEO.

 Joe Mauceri
PIX 11 News

...on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, there's a brother-sister team that sells trees...and they'll deliver anywhere in the city for free.

On top of all that, they're helping to make the holiday special for a couple of kids in need. 

To help give back this Christmas , Dan Sevigny and Morgan Sevigny at Christmas Tree Brooklyn have partnered with Covenant House to provide clothes for kids in need.

When they deliver Christmas Trees around the City, they accept clothing donations to bring back to the charity. Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that the family business revolves around this holiday, after all Dan Sevigny's birthday is December 25. It's all in this week's "I Am Brooklyn."... SEE FULL VIDEO.

 Joe Mauceri
PIX 11 News

Siblings Dan Sevigny and Morgan own Christmas Tree Brooklyn. It's a Park Slope based company that sells Holiday evergreens throughout the city. But to give back, they made a surprise donation to the residents of Covenant House in Midtown Manhattan... SEE FULL VIDEO.

Dana Arschin
FOX News

What’s it like buying a Christmas tree where you live? Does it take time, hassle and cost a lot of money? Not if you’re lucky enough to live in New York. Christmas Tree Brooklyn was launched in 2011 by siblings Morgan and Dan Sevigny. They had a mission to ease the pain of buying a fresh Christmas tree for New Yorkers.

Chirag Kulkarni

Christmas Tree Brooklyn, founded on the spur of the moment by Dan Sevigny and Morgan Sevigny in 2012, has gotten bigger every season. Based on an Uber-like digital access model, customers can use their website or phone number to order a Christmas tree delivered and set up anywhere nearly instantly, for up to 50% off the price elsewhere.

 Larry Myler

Dan Sevigny of Christmas Tree Brooklyn confirms: "The most important thing business owners can do to prepare for the Holiday rush is to plan. The second most important thing to do is plan some more. Seriously, you can't be well enough prepared." So, go through your past year's sales and analytics data, figure out what you'll need for the coming year and organize the fun in advance!

Bill Carmody
Inc. Magazine

Christmas Tree Brooklyn has also decided to chip into the collective good in other ways. This season the company has focused their charitable efforts on the Covenant House, which provides aid and resources such as safe shelter, education, and job opportunities to teens that have left their homes to escape violence and abuse.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn donated two trees to the organization as well as $20,000 in donated clothing and gifts from its customers. “A friend of ours, Alex Varga, worked there for a long time and told us about all of the great stuff they’re doing,” Sevigny said. “They help these kids get out of abusive households, and get into jobs and school. If you can impact someone’s life at a young age, they will go out and do good in the world and the positive effects will carry on and multiply for a long time.” Sevigny feels strongly about being environmentally aware, as well as about the huge benefits that can come from helping someone in a difficult position. He himself was a recipient of much-needed guidance during a darker time in his life. “I had a really hard time as a teenager,” he said. “I was addicted to drugs and got in a lot of trouble.

Countless people loved and supported me through that and I am proud to say I made it to the other side. My goal in life right now is to help as many young people as I can, and working with Covenant House has been a fun way to do that.” “If you help someone when they are most in need, they will remember you forever, and will go on to help others,” he added. “Positivity and love are contagious.”

Dorkys Ramos
Inhabitat Magazine

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and many Brooklyn residents are now getting into the holiday spirit by searching for the perfect Christmas tree. The owners of Christmas Tree Brooklyn say that trees bought on Black Friday aren't nearly their first sales. They say that people have been purchasing trees online since the beginning of the summer and they have been delivering for about two... SEE FULL VIDEO.

Emily Lorsch

Tina Mulqueen Huffington Post

Take Christmas Tree Brooklyn, for example. Touted the Uber of Christmas tree delivery, Christmas Tree Brooklyn has grown by at least one-hundred percent every year since inception. Founders Dan Sevigny and Morgan Sevigny credit their success, in part, to utilizing data to scale thoughtfully.

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Christmas Tree Brooklyn promises New Yorkers something they cannot refuse: Paid shipping. By choosing the size of your ideal tree — either online or at their Brooklyn site — and a date you'd like it to be installed, Christmas Tree Brooklyn will get your Christmas tree to your door starting at $36.

DNA Info

For two years in a row, Dan Sevigny and Morgan Sevigny sold out of all 250 Christmas trees at their Prospect Heights tree stand and delivery service, Christmas Tree Brooklyn.

So this year, the brother-and-sister team tripled everything, opening up two more stands, hiring two delivery guys and ordering three times as many trees from an evergreen dealer, they said. And when business started on Dec. 1, things got a little crazy.

“The first day, the delivery was late,” said Dan Sevigny. “We already had 90 orders that we needed to fulfill and people were already mad that they weren’t in on time … so, it was already hectic and then the stand fell down on my head.”

The Christmas tree business, they said, is not for the faint of heart...

Rachel Holliday Smith
DNAInfo New York

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, the siblings facilitate deliveries of trees to anywhere in the five boroughs — a service they offer for free — and oversee the operation of all three of their stands in Prospect Heights, Park Slope, and Clinton Hill, which on weekends can get "pretty hectic," Morgan, 31, said.

Business Insider

Brother and sister, Dan Sevigny and Morgan Sevigny are your typical Brooklyn residents: young, energetic and self-motivated creative types. But if there’s one thing that makes them unique, it’s their tendency to come up with successful, albeit unusual, business ideas.

Dan Sevigny , a recent transplant from Los Angeles, is a serial entrepreneur working primarily in web marketing and Mixed Martial Arts. He has made money and lost money in a variety of endeavors, but above all, it’s his passion for adventure that drives him.

Morgan owns Pura Vida Urban Fitness, a Prospect Heights personal training studio and gym, where on any given night you are likely to see attractive 20-somethings sweating it out in a group fitness class…but for 3 weeks every year, the gym almost magically transforms into a Christmas wonderland. Christmas trees line the block and fill the gym’s spacious back yard, while the two salespeople (you guessed it, Dan Sevigny and Morgan) fend off frostbite as they greet Christmas tree shoppers.

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Black Friday Magazine

No time? Order online from Brooklyn locals who have bragging rights that they're the only Christmas tree business offering free delivery, and operating a fully-functioning (and secure/encrypted) online store for their stand(s).

Ellen Freudenheim

If you’re going to run a business that only operates several months of the year, you’ll need to be the best at what you do. That’s what Morgan and Dan Sevigny of Christmas Tree Brooklyn decided with their Christmas tree delivery service.

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Huffington Post

Just off Underhill Avenue, between Sterling Place and St. Johns Place, sits Puravida urban fitness center. At 7:45 a.m., fitness boot camp is underway.

A handful of people are working out this morning, all to the beat of 1990’s tunes. It’s a time to get that heart rate up and burn calories before the long day ahead. For Morgan Sevigny, 30, that means teaching classes then running the other family business.

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