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People of Christmas Tree Brooklyn: Tommie

One of my biggest entrepreneurial role models, Marcus Lemonis, always says: the three most important things in business are people, process, and product.

All three of those things have to be great in order for a business to thrive. At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, we have some of the best people. We are proud of the awesome jobs our employees do at making customers feel important, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them today in this People of Christmas Tree Brooklyn post.

Meet Tommie–he works at the stand up on Underhill Ave. in Brooklyn.


Tommie is a rockstar employee because he really cares about the customers he helps.

“My favorite thing about Christmas is just spreading the Christmas cheer, Christmas joy. Seeing the smile on kids faces as they look at the big trees, look at the lights.”

When the tree selling season ends this year, he’ll head down to North Carolina, where he and his family will gather to hang out. “It’s nice and warm down there,” he says.


His favorite family tradition is hanging out to talk.

“As a kid, I remember we used to decorate the tree together, the youngest person would put the star up or the angel on top of the tree.”


Thanks for all of your hard work, Tommie! We hope to have you back again next year.