Our 15 Foot Christmas Tree on an 18-Story Rooftop – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Our 15 Foot Christmas Tree on an 18-Story Rooftop

This year we got an unusual request: set-up a 15 foot Christmas tree on the roof deck of an 18-story building. We’ve delivered large trees, and we’ve delivered to rooftops, but never once in the same trip!

We set out in our new XL delivery van to get this job done. Morgan and I went personally to make sure everything was done perfectly. We’ve got liability insurance, but we needed to make sure this job went off without a hitch.

Morgan driving a christmas tree into Manhattan
Morgan driving the 15 foot tree into Manhattan

We had two options to get the tree on top of the roof: a lift on the exterior of the building, or an elevator with an access panel allowing the tree to extend into the elevator shaft. We worked with the property manager on deciding the safest way to get this done and decided the elevator would be less risky than hoisting this behemoth up the side of the building.

15 foot tree on a rooftop
Untying the tree on the rooftop

We used fishing wire and a monster sized all-metal stand to make sure the wind didn’t knock this thing off the roof. Safety was a big concern since the area below had high pedestrian traffic. No room for errors here.

Setting up the big Christmas tree stand
Setting up the large stand

It took a few of us to make sure the tree stood up straight and was secure in its stand.

The tree is finally secure in its stand

Finally, we got everything set up safely. We made sure the property manager was happy with the job before breaking down. He said we were good to go, so that was it!

big Christmas tree set up on top of a building in New York City

They sent us a picture of the tree when it was decorated! Looks great, and we’re happy to have another satisfied corporate customer.

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