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Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm Near New York City

To make sure we have the freshest Christmas trees in NYC, we always spread our deliveries out over the season. We get an early shipment, a mid-season shipment, and an end-of-season shipment.

Our trees haven’t been sitting on the street for weeks by the time they make it to your home. They’ve been sitting on our farmer friend’s farm and multi-generational family business in Pennsylvania. We get our mid and late season trees here for their fast turn-around time. We pay a little extra , but it means we don’t have to overbuy in the beginning of the season, and we can wait until the very last minute to cut your tree–keeping it as fresh as possible all through the Holidays.

Morgan and I took a trip up there today to make sure the trees looked good, and had them cut fresh from the ground.

We hit the road at 6 AM to make sure we got up there and back in time for the evening rush.

img_0267-medium Christmas Tree Brooklyn mug we brought as a gift for our friends on the farm.

img_0272-medium Just got to New Jersey. The roads over here are always crazy! So grateful for GPS…

img_0274-medium Driving through the woods.


Hanging out with Morgan. In between business talks, we talked about whether or not past lives exist, and why French Canadians that live in Louisiana, Maine and Quebec left France. Care to weigh in on either subject? Hit us up on Instagram @Christmas TreeBrooklyn or Facebook to let us know.img_0277-medium Still driving. So much wilderness.

img_0280-medium And driving…

img_0282-medium We finally arrive!

img_0283-mediumWe were greeted by the farms happiest, floofiest worker.


Here’s some fresh-cut 5-6 foot trees ready to be loaded on our truck.img_0285-mediumJim, the owner of the farm, inspected and cut each tree by hand with some friends from town. He’s been farming Christmas trees his entire life.


img_0291-mediumMoving trees as quickly as possible onto the truck. Didn’t take too long!


Jim’s father has been a Christmas tree farmer for 68 years! He started when he was 11. At 79, he’s as strong as anyone, and I had to work extra fast to keep up with him!

img_0300-medium Jim’s father is a real old school guy. Very cool.


img_0303-mediumMorgan after tossing a tree on.

img_0298-mediumJim tossing trees up two at a time. Beast mode.

img_0301-medium Dog-friend keeping dutiful count of the trees coming onto the truck.

img_0295-medium After we loaded the truck, the guys gave us some home-made hard cider. It was really good!

img_0306-medium img_0307-medium They had cider as old as 5 years in these old Jack Dan iels whiskey barrels. You could really taste the flavor of the wood. Really good and fresh from the tap!

img_0309-medium Of course, we had to try out all of the different aged versions of it! For science.

img_0311-mediumThe Christmas tree Brooklyn mug looking comfortable in it’s new home.

img_0313-medium They even bottled some cider for us to take home. My man.

img_0314-medium A detailed look at their ‘wine cellar’ area. Old school!

img_0318-medium Jim opening one of the kegs with a hammer.
img_0319-mediumWe took a drive up into the farm to check out the trees they have available.

img_0321-medium Such a beautiful day out!

img_0322-medium The trees stretch as far as the eye can see.

img_0323-medium img_0324-medium Rows and rows of perfect Fraser Firs.

img_0327-medium img_0328-medium We got educated by Jim on the latest farming methods, and tree care tips.
img_0331-mediumimg_0332-mediumThese trees are beautiful when they’re fresh in the ground.

We spend a lot of time looking for the best trees they have to offer. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our Christmas trees (seriously, check out our Perfect Tree Guarantee).

img_0334-medium   img_0337-medium img_0338-medium   img_0343-medium

img_0347-mediumimg_0344-medium    img_0348-medium

“Hey, here’s a nice one!”

img_0369-medium img_0370-medium Morgan being funny. Amazing.

img_0372-medium img_0373-medium img_0374-medium

Jim has some really nice classic army trucks–they have all their original parts, and still run like new!




img_0379-medium   img_0382-medium  img_0384-medium

img_0364-mediumThe workers here are awesome.

img_0385-medium Jim and Morgan talking shop.


img_0367-medium Eventually, we had to leave. Made sure to get a picture with the guys first. Always great doing business with good people like Jim and his dad!