Decorating a Luxury Apartment Building in Long Island City – Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Decorating a Luxury Apartment Building in Long Island City

Every year, Christmas Tree Brooklyn works with luxury apartment buildings all over New York City to decorate for the Holidays. Our corporate Holiday decorators move fast and can complete any job in time to get your building ready for the Holiday Season!

Christmas Decorating in the Lobby of the ARC

ARC is a luxury apartment complex located in Long Island City, Queens, NYC. The decorations at ARC had to be modern, clean and minimal. We also made sure to include both Christmas and Hanukkah decorations in the building.

Corporate Christmas Decorating Service

The main feature in the lobby of the decorated apartment building was the live Fraser Fir Christmas trees. We brought in two to balance out the look on both sides of the lobby. Decorations included some poinsettia flowers for the Christmas tree, some silver bulb ornaments and some matte silver bulb ornaments.

Decorated Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Here's another angle of the Christmas tree with all of the decorations installed. The tree is looking green and healthy. We only order the best trees from the farm in order to maintain the highest quality. Here you can see some silver glitter ornaments, gold glitter ornaments, matte gold ornaments and glossy gold ornaments on the tree. Looking bright, shiny and ready for Christmas!

Modern Christmas Tree Design Ideas

The simple, modern design of the ornaments on this Christmas tree help it tie in nicely with the design of the rest of the building. Here you can see a close-up of the gold glitter ornaments. Using different types of gold ornaments (matte gold, glossy gold and glitter gold) gives the design a unique look and feel.

Real or Fake Poinsettia Christmas Decorations

In all of the other rooms throughout this large apartment building in Long Island City, we placed fake poinsettias. Here is one of those plants in the building's game room. This subtle addition helps any room in the building pop and ties in the decorations from other rooms.

Fake Poinsettia vs Real Poinsettia (Which to Use)

As you can see from this close-up of the fake poinsettia we used in this corporate decorating job, it is incredibly hard to tell the difference between real and fake. Real is always the best way to go, but if you have a large number of rooms, which was the case in this situation, tending to 20+ live plants can be a full-time job. To save the ARC staff the hassle of maintaining live plants, we chose only artificial poinsettia plants for this design.

Poinsettia in the Lounge at an Apartment Building

Another poinsettia, giving the building's lounge a subtle Holiday feel. Poinsettias are great, because they are inexpensive, easy to install and take almost no effort to maintain (none at all if the plants are artificial).

Close-up Shot of the Artificial Poinsettia

Here's another close-up of the poinsettia. This one is in the lounge at the ARC building in Long Island City, Queens. They are great plants, with vibrant colors that are sure to get you and your tenants in the Holiday mood.

Christmas Tree in the Apartment Lobby

The Christmas trees we delivered to this apartment building lobby were a perfect fit for the existing green design features that they had in the lobby. We had a great time decorating this building! Thanks for checking it out.