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HANAC Astoria Cornerstone

We had the privilege of working alongside Toys for Tots to bring some fun and joy to the children at Hanac Astoria Cornerstone in Astoria, Queens.

About HANAC:

Founded as a nonprofit in 1972 in Astoria, New York, HANAC – the Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee – was initially concerned with addressing the needs of new Greek immigrants living in the community.

Today, HANAC has become one of New York City’s largest and most successful social service organizations, touching the lives of over 30,000 individuals with a wide range of programs and services for diverse and multi-ethnic communities in four boroughs.

Beautiful 12 foot tree for Corporate Holiday Party

Earlier today we got a call from one of the largest branding/marketing/reputation management firms in Manhattan. They needed a “very large Christmas tree” for their Holiday party, and they needed it delivered immediately, as in RIGHT NOW!!!

My brother Eli and I were out on delivery when the call came in. We finished up our rounds and went back to the shop on Underhill Ave. to pick up the biggest tree we had left in stock, a monster 12 footer that reached an impressive 6 feet across.

We quickly loaded it up onto the trusty Christmas sleigh (the Honda Pilot) and off we went to their Lower Manhattan location near the Financial District.

The tree was easier to set up than we had anticipated, and in only a few minutes we had gotten it in its base and standing proudly in the executive’s living room. The party was due to start in a few hours, and with the tree in place the decorating crew could do their job.
12 Foot tree on display

Thanks, /r/Brooklyn!

Hey /r/Brooklyn,

Thanks for coming out and supporting me and my family here at Christmas Tree Brooklyn. We had a great time getting to know you and your families, and helping you celebrate one of the best Holidays of the year.

I wanted to share some pictures of the season so far. We’ve only been officially open for 2014 2 days and already so much has happened. We’ve had some fun (painting signs with friends), some major disasters (like the 14 foot tree that crushed our a-frame tree stand and nearly my head) and everything in between. I hope to see more of you out here before the season is done!


Dan Sevigny
Christmas TreeBrooklyn.com

Here’s the story so far…

We had 750 trees arrive at our flagship location here in Prospect Heights. The truck arrived hours late so we were WAY behind on our orders. We had to unload them all in 2 hours or less to avoid extra charges from the shipping company.

Morgan unloading the truck

Morgan unloading the truck

We enlisted (see: begged) the help of some friends to get all of the signs painted and the truck unloaded (thanks, guys!)

Painting signs

Painting signs

Here is Shay, looking fabulous as he walks a 6 foot tree down the runway.

Shay striking a pose

Shay striking a pose

I’m not sure if Maddie and Shay chose to dress like lumberjacks for the occasion or if it’s just a coincidence.

Maddie carrying a tree inside

Maddie carrying a tree inside

It was a really long day!

Our Canadian friend taking a much needed break

Our Canadian friend taking a much needed break

Unloading 750 trees off of the truck took 5 hours

Unloading 750 trees off of the truck took 5 hours

Our stand collapsed. The only casualties were our brand new halogen bulbs. Oh well.

The stand crushed by a 14 foot Christmas Tree

The stand crushed by a 14 foot Christmas Tree

And in the end (of the beginning)…

Messages like this make it all worthwhile!

Messages like this make it all worthwhile!

I hope to see more of you out here soon! We have a LOT of trees left.

How to Buy a Christmas Tree in New York City

Buying a Christmas tree can be a fun-filled and exciting experience. Braving the cold New York weather and heading out to your local Christmas tree stand with the family (or roommates!) is a tradition that no one should miss out on.
When buying a Christmas tree in NYC, there are a few tips you should keep in mind and some questions you should ask. When buying a Christmas tree in the city you need to be aware of how the trees are taken care of and where they came from; knowing about the quality and health of the trees is paramount to getting a good deal and buying a good tree.
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Where to buy a Christmas tree in Brooklyn?

You can buy a tree from us online (see “Order Now” to the right!) or by coming down to our Christmas tree stand and buying one in person. If you live in the Brooklyn area, visiting our stand is a great way to make sure you get the exact Christmas tree you want. For those living in the area, Christmas Tree Brooklyn is conveniently located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
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Christmas Tree Recycling Program Starts in NYC

The Holidays are officially coming to an end, as is evident by the fact that New York City is now offering their annual curbside Christmas tree collection and recycling service that runs through January 12th. Christmas Tree Brooklyn offers Christmas tree cleanup–contact us today to schedule a delivery.

Our Christmas tree cleanup service includes:

  • Removal of the Christmas tree
  • Cleanup of any debris or needles that have fallen off the tree in your home

Of course, you can always remove your own tree for recycling and doing so is relatively simple.

How to Recycle your Christmas tree

  • Remove all ornaments
  • Do not put tree in plastic bag
  • Place tree on curb outside of your home where it is easily accessible from the road

The compost created out of recycled Christmas trees is used on public projects throughout the city–it is also available for private citizens after January 9th. Over 140,000 Christmas trees are recycled by the Department of Sanitation every year.

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