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Christmas Tree Stand in Williamsburg

This year, we’re set up at Extra Fancy–where their annual Holiday Market is in full swing!

Check out awesome vendors, sip on hot alcoholic beverages, and (of course) get your premium Fraser Fir Christmas tree from Christmas Tree Brooklyn.

Here’s some shots of the front of Extra Fancy, where you can walk right into their backyard bar through the Christmas forest.

Pictured below, is me and our hard-working sales guy Christian in front of the market. The hot cider they have there is amazing–with or without alcohol in it!

Here’s the lights and a close-up of one of our trees at this location.

Here’s Santa Clause, bringing light to the hallway. Thanks, Santa!

He looks a little more terrifying up close at this angle.

Another shot of the front of Extra Fancy, and the entrance to the Holiday Market. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Santa Man is beckoning people in off the street. You should see him do his thing, he’s got some cool moves!

That’s all! Come see us at one of our locations, or order online! We’d love to provide you with a quick and easy stress-free Christmas experience.

Christmas Trees in Chelsea, Manhattan

When we heard Christmas trees in Manhattan were selling for $1000 a tree, we knew we had to get over there!

But instead of overcharging and taking everyone’s hard earned money, we thought we’d offer our premium quality Christmas trees at a fair price anyone can afford.

Our trees are the best the farm has to offer, our prices are always affordable, and we offer free delivery That means no more getting covered and sap, leaving a mess in your hallway, or hufffing and puffing as you drag your tree home!

Live in a doorman building? No problem! We are insured, which means we can deliver to any high-end building.

We just set up our Chelsea, Manhattan location today!

Come pick your tree out in person, or order online and we’ll pick the perfect one out for you (we guarantee you’ll love it, or we’ll replace it–see policy for details).

Merry Christmas !











A Day at the Christmas Tree Brooklyn Stand in Prospect Heights

Morgan sets the tone for the day with a selfie.


Then catches a candid shot of me looking especially post-first-cup-of-coffee crazy.

“Oh hi, didn’t see you there.”


We’re at the stand on Underhill Ave. to do an interview with Joe Mauceri for the segment “I Am Brooklyn” on Pix 11.


Didn’t realize this at the time, but me and Joe were rocking sort of the same haircut. Who wore it better? We’ll never know…


Here’s the Underhill stand in all of it’s glory. I hope we can sell trees at this location for years to come! It’s so nice being a part of the community we live in and meeting everyone on such a fun, and happy occasion. Getting to celebrate with friends, family, and neighbors is the best part of the job.


A close up of one of our wreaths.


Melanie being a lumberjack.


We met Mary, who recently moved to the area to be closer to her young grandchildren. She lives around the corner, so we walked her tree over.



Morgan helping Mary get her 4 foot tree get set up in it’s stand.


Here’s the segment we shot that day. Came out nice!

Christmas Clothing Drive for Covenant House Teens

Imagine walking in the footsteps of a kid who has run away from home to escape years of physical abuse, a dangerous human trafficking network, the chaos of life with a drug-addicted parent, or a house overflowing with rage.

This is life for so many homeless kids – until they arrive at Covenant House.

Covenant House is a non-profit that helps these young men and women by providing shelter, case management, education, job opportunities and a community that truly cares about them.

These kids are in desperate need of new or lightly used clothing, and you can help!

We’ll even make it easy.

Just collect your clean clothes in a trash bag and give them to your Christmas Tree Brooklyn delivery driver when we drop off your Christmas tree this year, and we’ll take them over to Covenant House to be donated!

Here’s a list of the items they need the most:

Plus Size Women Clothing
Men work attire (pants and shirts)
Professional Shoes (
Women sneakers (sizes 7 and up)
Men sneakers (sizes 9 and up)
Underwear (especially women size small up to 2xl)
Men tanks
Men jeans (28,30,32,34,36)
Male hoodies
Thermal sets

Don’t have clothes to donate?

They’re looking for these items as well…

Hair Brushes
Wash cloths
Hair elastics/Hair clips

Christmas Wish List
Board Games
Gift Cards ($5 and up)
Perfumes & Cologne sets
Jewelry sets (chains, rings,watches,earrings)
Make-up sets
Nike/Addidas/Polo/ Nautica T-shirts (Male or Females)
Nike socks
Phone cases
Photo albums
Glasses frames
Lotion sets
Phone Chargers

Rescue Animals Need Homes for the Holidays

It’s a sad fact that throughout New York City, Animals are being abused and abandoned on a daily basis.

With no home, and no one to love them, they are practically hopeless–that is, until they arrive at the Rescue Dogs Rock animal shelter, where they’ll be matched with a Foster family and get much needed medical care.

We caught up with some of these furry friends while they were at the Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, recovering from a variety of injuries. These adorable dogs and cats have so much love to give–but they are in desperate need of new forever homes! If you or anyone you know can take them into a loving home, please call the shelter at (718) 339-7387.











3 Christmas Tree Care Secrets from Gran Gran

Our grandmother, Polly, is an award-winning botanist and conservationist. When it comes to trees and plants, no one knows better than Gran Gran!

So we spoke with her about some ways you can keep your tree fresh through the Holiday season.

1) Water your tree right away.

“Water is one of the key elements in keeping your tree alive,” says Polly. She explains that once trees are cut they are consistently losing their moisture.

If there’s one thing she could say about this, it would be to “get that sucker in some water right away!”

2) Don’t leave the lights on.

Lights on a tree can dry out the needles faster, leading to more needle loss. “My lights are only on when I’m in the room,” she says. This helps by not adding any heat to the tree when it’s not being admired.

3) Make a fresh cut

“Now, I do this myself, but I expect many people won’t want to–you could probably charge a dollar for it!” Gran Gran exclaims.

Don’t worry, we took care of this part for you. You can keep the dollar–don’t spend it all in one place 😉

Merry Christmas !

We Love New York Families Like Kayla & Her Mom

Christmas is a joy-filled occasion for most NYC families.

For some, who are barely getting by, luxuries like Christmas trees and gifts–the things that make Christmas magical for kids–are just not possible.

Earlier this week, we featured a struggling New York family who needed a little extra community support to get through the Holidays.

This year has been hard for the family of two. Mary lost her husband, and 9 year old Kayla lost her father. Unable to work due to medical problems, Mary was forced to seek help from a homeless services organization.

She found a roof to put over her daughter’s head, but she was unable to pay for the Christmas experience every child deserves. A Christmas tree, and some presents under the tree, to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

She contacted us, and we were immediately struck by her sincerity and dedication to her daughter.

Despite the toughest circumstances, this young mom was determined to give her daughter a sense of normalcy. Through mom’s dedication, and a little help from her NYC neighbors, the family now has a beautiful Christmas tree and presents from the Christmas Tree Brooklyn staff to go under it.

Above: Kayla with her Christmas tree

This NYC Mom Needs a Christmas Miracle for her Daughter of 9

Christmas is a magical time of the year.

But for some families, like that of Mary and her daughter Kayla, it can be a time of great heartache.

Last August, Mary lost her husband–and Kayla lost her dad. They were devastated emotionally, and financially–left to fend for themselves during one of the most difficult times of the year. Mary, who suffers medical problems, is unable to work–but she makes sure that her Kayla is well provided for.

They are enrolled in a shelter program, and receive enough money to buy food, but they have nothing left over to spend on luxuries many of us take for granted. Without the help of their community, there will be no magic for Kayla on Christmas morning. No presents. Not even a tree.

Everyone remembers how magical Christmas was for them as a kid. It’s an experience no child should have to grow up without.

Hoping to make that possible for her own daughter, Mary set out on the internet to find help.

She messaged us on Facebook, responding to an ad we put out on Craigslist offering a free tree to a family in need.

“I am retired not by choice its because of my health. I worked as an outreach worker for many years. My husband died just this august that passed. It’s been a real struggle since then on one income. I manage to get things done the basics. Unfortunately this Christmas i just don’t have to make anything happen for my little girl. She is very smart good grades , respectful. She deserves the world and i wish i could give it to her…”

We verified her story with her case manager at the NYC Department of Homeless Services, and we’d like to rally our community together in support of this struggling (but spirited) family of two.

To help make her Christmas amazing, we’re going to be giving Mary and Kayla the full Christmas tree set-up:

A Christmas tree of any size
A stand & set-up service for the tree
& Lights to make it shine bright

We need your help

We are looking for caring Christmas Tree Brooklyn friends and family to help provide Christmas presents for Kayla & to bring the magic of Christmas into a household that so desperately needs it this year.

Donations can be made in the form of money or toys.

To donate $10:

Please click the button below. All donations will be used by Christmas Tree Brooklyn to purchase toys for Kayla (from Santa).


To donate toys:

Bring them (wrapped or unwrapped) to Christmas Tree Brooklyn at 184 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Kayla likes:
Powerpuff girls
My little pony
Monster High
Dork Diary Books
Drawing (and she’s good at it!)

Throwback to Delivering Christmas Trees in a Honda Pilot

When Morgan and I started Christmas Tree Brooklyn in 2012, we used to make deliveries out of our mom’s borrowed Honda Pilot. Now, our business has grown and we rarely have time to get out on the road ourselves, but it’s nice to look back on those early days of the business.

Here’s a quick look into a day of our lives back then:

Our 15 Foot Christmas Tree on an 18-Story Rooftop

This year we got an unusual request: set-up a 15 foot Christmas tree on the roof deck of an 18-story building. We’ve delivered large trees, and we’ve delivered to rooftops, but never once in the same trip!

We set out in our new XL delivery van to get this job done. Morgan and I went personally to make sure everything was done perfectly. We’ve got liability insurance, but we needed to make sure this job went off without a hitch.

Morgan driving a christmas tree into Manhattan
Morgan driving the 15 foot tree into Manhattan

We had two options to get the tree on top of the roof: a lift on the exterior of the building, or an elevator with an access panel allowing the tree to extend into the elevator shaft. We worked with the property manager on deciding the safest way to get this done and decided the elevator would be less risky than hoisting this behemoth up the side of the building.

15 foot tree on a rooftop
Untying the tree on the rooftop

We used fishing wire and a monster sized all-metal stand to make sure the wind didn’t knock this thing off the roof. Safety was a big concern since the area below had high pedestrian traffic. No room for errors here.

Setting up the big Christmas tree stand
Setting up the large stand

It took a few of us to make sure the tree stood up straight and was secure in its stand.

The tree is finally secure in its stand

Finally, we got everything set up safely. We made sure the property manager was happy with the job before breaking down. He said we were good to go, so that was it!

big Christmas tree set up on top of a building in New York City

They sent us a picture of the tree when it was decorated! Looks great, and we’re happy to have another satisfied corporate customer.

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