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Key Food Christmas Tree Stand

The Christmas Tree Stand at Key Food in Park Slope

The Park Slope Key Food Christmas tree stand has been a staple of the neighborhood for years. The salespeople are friendly, the stand is well-lit, organized and has everything you need to get the Holidays started in your home! This stand is located in the parking lot in front of Key Food, Park Slope at: 120 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Oliver, one of the Park Slope Christmas tree stand employees, can be seen here ringing up a customer at the stand while the customer’s kids wait for their tree to be ready. Oliver and the crew at the stand live in a rented truck parked in the Key Food parking lot and watch the stand in shifts.

A customer walks past rows of fresh-cut Christmas trees from the team’s farm. The stand is packed with hand-made Christmas decorations, like these snowmen made out of Christmas tree scraps. They look great on tables, and other small areas in the home.

The workers at this stand truly care about their customers and seem to love the Holidays. Here you can see one of the stand workers answering questions about the Christmas trees at the stand.

Wreaths decorated with red bows are hung all over the stand, making the whole area look beautifully decorated. Here you can also see the small make-shift hut that the stand workers use to keep warm. 3-foot and 4-foot trees line the sidewalk in front of the hut.

Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a family event! Here you can see a customer with his two young children picking out and taking home the perfect 7 foot Christmas tree. Oliver helps them wrap it up in a Christmas tree baler (with netting) so they can take it home.

Christmas trees and wreaths decorate the sidewalk of 5th Avenue in front of Key Food. Here you can see lots of trees leaning on the a-frame Christmas tree stand in front of the store. Customers and their kids walk by to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.

The trees at this stand come from a farm called Evergreen. We’re told it’s a New York based company, although Oliver and the Christmas tree stand workers are all from Quebec, Canada. 

Tyler’s Trees vs. Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Tyler’s Trees boasts of their five-star rating on Yelp, but you should be getting extra special premium service for those prices. Let’s compare their prices to those of Christmas Tree Brooklyn, which sells trees in a wide variety of sizes with free same-day delivery.

Tyler’s offers five packages that include skirt, stand, delivery and installation starting at $109 for a five-foot tree and going up to $309 for the nine-foot “Rockefeller” tree. They also have “Elite Service” packages starting at $475 for a 10-foot tree and going up to $850 for a 14-foot tree.

Price comparisons

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, all trees up to 10 feet are just $12 a foot so you can get a five-foot tree for only $60 and delivery is free. If you need a stand or setup, those are optional for $29 and $19.95. A seven-foot tree at Christmas Tree Brooklyn is $84 so with stand, set-up and free delivery you’d pay $163 for the same package that’s going for $189 at Tyler Trees. A nine-foot tree is $309 at Tyler’s Trees but Christmas Tree Brooklyn sells the same size tree for just $108 or $196.95 for the whole package with stand and set-up, plus delivery is always free.

For an 11-foot tree with Elite Service, you’d pay a whopping $495 at Tyler’s Trees but at Christmas Tree Brooklyn, it’s just $220 for the tree only or $316.95 for the entire package with stand and set-up. On the plus side, Tyler’s Trees also offers extra frills like decorating, with prices starting at $125 and going up to $695.

Paid delivery

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, all service is “Elite Service” no matter what size tree you buy! Whether you shop for a tree in person at our flagship location in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, at 184 Underhill Ave. or order online at Christmas TreeBrooklyn.com, delivery is always free anywhere in NYC! If you have questions about ordering a tree, call (347) 474-0079 for friendly service.

There are plenty of places in New York City to buy your tree but do a bit of comparing and you’ll find that Christmas Tree Brooklyn has the best prices in town!

People of Christmas Tree Brooklyn: Tommie

One of my biggest entrepreneurial role models, Marcus Lemonis, always says: the three most important things in business are people, process, and product.

All three of those things have to be great in order for a business to thrive. At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, we have some of the best people. We are proud of the awesome jobs our employees do at making customers feel important, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them today in this People of Christmas Tree Brooklyn post.

Meet Tommie–he works at the stand up on Underhill Ave. in Brooklyn.


Tommie is a rockstar employee because he really cares about the customers he helps.

“My favorite thing about Christmas is just spreading the Christmas cheer, Christmas joy. Seeing the smile on kids faces as they look at the big trees, look at the lights.”

When the tree selling season ends this year, he’ll head down to North Carolina, where he and his family will gather to hang out. “It’s nice and warm down there,” he says.


His favorite family tradition is hanging out to talk.

“As a kid, I remember we used to decorate the tree together, the youngest person would put the star up or the angel on top of the tree.”


Thanks for all of your hard work, Tommie! We hope to have you back again next year.

Should you buy a real Christmas tree or a Fake Christmas Tree?

Every year about this time the debate begins: Get a real tree or an artificial one? To help you make a decision, here are a few pros and cons for both.

Real Trees – The Pros

The scent

Nothing says “Christmas ” like the scent of a real tree and the way it fills the whole room is nothing short of magic.

The look

A well-shaped fir or other evergreen lends itself perfectly to lights, tinsel and all the other traditional decorations that look so wonderful.

It’s recyclable

The huge tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC will be chopped up into wood that will be used by Habitats for Humanity to build homes for the needy. Smaller trees can be chopped up for firewood.

Real Trees – The Cons

Not reusable

A natural tree is good for one Christmas and that’s it. You can prolong its freshness with tree food and regular watering but it won’t last forever.

Not fireproof

Every year the news is full of tragic stories about fires caused by Christmas trees. Most of these could have been avoided by observing safety precautions but having a real tree requires a bit of work.


The prices of high quality trees are higher than ever this year due to drought and other environmental problems.

Artificial Trees – The Pros


Provided you store it carefully, an artificial tree can last for several years. This is probably the number-one selling point for the fake tree.

Less expensive

Artificial trees are available at a wide range of prices from the cheapest small trees starting at under $20 to large pre-lit trees selling for thousands of dollars. A pre-lit 30-foot New Grand Teton tree by Vickerman is priced at $38,000, but there’s an artificial tree for every budget and again, you can use it for more than one year.


A real tree looks like, well, a real tree. Since artificial trees are not bound by nature, the possibilities are unlimited. Artificial trees can be unlit, pre-lit, LED-lit, flocked or unflocked and in just about any color or material. Green models that resemble real trees are the most popular but if you want something different, there are plenty of options.


Artificial trees are treated to be flame retardant so there’s much less danger of catching fire. You do still have to use care with the lights, however.

Artificial Trees – The Cons


That old tree you toss out will lurk for decades in a landfill somewhere. Alas, most plastic is non-recyclable.

It looks like a fake tree

This is the biggest drawback to the artificial tree. It’s artificial and will never look or smell like a real, freshly cut Fir.

SoHo Trees vs. Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Here at Christmas Tree Brooklyn, we pride ourselves on our low prices and excellent service. We know that New Yorkers have many choices when it comes to buying your tree and strive to be your best choice. That’s why we’re taking a look at the competition, what they offer and what their previous customers have had to say about them. We’ll start with SoHo Trees.

Selection and prices

SoHo trees offers online ordering and nine retail locations around New York City with their flagship store located at 6th Ave. and Spring in SoHo Square. This tree seller promises “Grade 1 Christmas trees plus free stand, delivery and professional installation with online order.”

SoHo Trees offers four choices online, each with stand and delivery. The smallest includes a 4-5’ Blue Ridge Fraser Fir, Cinco Polymer X-Mas Tree Stand with custom delivery/installation for $129.95. (Those stands are the Cinco Polymer plastic stands going for $22 at Home Depot.)

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you can get a 4- to 5-foot tree for $48 to $60, $29 for the stand and $19.95 for set-up. Delivery is free, so you’d pay $97 to $109 for the same size Fraser Fir you’d pay SoHo Trees $129.95 for.

The largest option at SoHo Trees is a 7-8’ Blue Ridge Fraser Fir, Cinco Polymer X-Mas Tree Stand with Custom Delivery/Installation for $259.95.

For a 7-8 foot tree at Christmas Tree Brooklyn you’d pay $84 to $96 for the tree, $29 for the stand and $49.95 for the set-up. With free delivery, that’s $163 to $175 for the same size tree that is going for $259.95 at SoHo Trees.

If you want more choices, Christmas Tree Brooklyn has trees in sizes from 3 feet to 14 feet with stands to match. If you already have a stand and lights, they’re optional. So are tree food and wreaths.


On Yelp, SoHo Trees has gotten mixed reviews. While some happy customers praised their trees and service, others complained of high prices and dry trees. Here are three examples.

“Bought a tree from their Greenwich/Chambers St location. We went the day after Thanksgiving and paid $160 for a 5-6 foot tall tree. Haven’t really bought many trees before so it wasn’t until I walked by Whole Foods a few days later and saw similar trees selling for $60 that I realized I’d been had. Oh well, live and learn right?”

“I went by the Greenwich St stand in Tribeca today and picked out a tree and was quote $265 for tree, stand and delivery and that it would be delivered within an hour. Three hours later I called and there was a big scramble of confusion of the tree and my order delivery. 2 hours go by and the tree finally shows up and two guys put it up in the stand and told me it was $445! I explained that I had been quoted the other price and that this was ridiculous and they told me whoever the guy was that quoted me the original price was ‘the night guy and didn’t know’ and that this was a $445 tree…”

“whatever you do do not buy your tree on the phone from this company. they charged me 414$ to deliver me a 5 foot tree and 10 strings of lights. i ordered a 6-7 foot tree. i ordered the tree about a week ago and it is already dead. do not buy from this place. i don’t know what i was thinking. they sell the same size type tree on my corner for $100 which includes delivery. I was expecting a beautiful 7 foot tree but instead i have a 5 foot tree that is almost dead. i thought by spending a little more money i would have a beautiful tree that last. it was a huge waste of money. never again.”

Custom trees and wreaths

On the plus side, SoHo Trees offers decorating by a professional designer, your choice of five species of trees and custom work on large trees and wreaths. If you have a special idea for holiday decor for your home or office and the budget to pay for it, SoHo Trees should be able to give you what you’re looking for.

If you want the lowest price on a fresh, full Fraser Fir and free same-day delivery, Christmas Tree Brooklyn is the smart choice!

Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm Near New York City

To make sure we have the freshest Christmas trees in NYC, we always spread our deliveries out over the season. We get an early shipment, a mid-season shipment, and an end-of-season shipment.

Our trees haven’t been sitting on the street for weeks by the time they make it to your home. They’ve been sitting on our farmer friend’s farm and multi-generational family business in Pennsylvania. We get our mid and late season trees here for their fast turn-around time. We pay a little extra , but it means we don’t have to overbuy in the beginning of the season, and we can wait until the very last minute to cut your tree–keeping it as fresh as possible all through the Holidays.

Morgan and I took a trip up there today to make sure the trees looked good, and had them cut fresh from the ground.

We hit the road at 6 AM to make sure we got up there and back in time for the evening rush.

img_0267-medium Christmas Tree Brooklyn mug we brought as a gift for our friends on the farm.

img_0272-medium Just got to New Jersey. The roads over here are always crazy! So grateful for GPS…

img_0274-medium Driving through the woods.


Hanging out with Morgan. In between business talks, we talked about whether or not past lives exist, and why French Canadians that live in Louisiana, Maine and Quebec left France. Care to weigh in on either subject? Hit us up on Instagram @Christmas TreeBrooklyn or Facebook to let us know.img_0277-medium Still driving. So much wilderness.

img_0280-medium And driving…

img_0282-medium We finally arrive!

img_0283-mediumWe were greeted by the farms happiest, floofiest worker.


Here’s some fresh-cut 5-6 foot trees ready to be loaded on our truck.img_0285-mediumJim, the owner of the farm, inspected and cut each tree by hand with some friends from town. He’s been farming Christmas trees his entire life.


img_0291-mediumMoving trees as quickly as possible onto the truck. Didn’t take too long!


Jim’s father has been a Christmas tree farmer for 68 years! He started when he was 11. At 79, he’s as strong as anyone, and I had to work extra fast to keep up with him!

img_0300-medium Jim’s father is a real old school guy. Very cool.


img_0303-mediumMorgan after tossing a tree on.

img_0298-mediumJim tossing trees up two at a time. Beast mode.

img_0301-medium Dog-friend keeping dutiful count of the trees coming onto the truck.

img_0295-medium After we loaded the truck, the guys gave us some home-made hard cider. It was really good!

img_0306-medium img_0307-medium They had cider as old as 5 years in these old Jack Dan iels whiskey barrels. You could really taste the flavor of the wood. Really good and fresh from the tap!

img_0309-medium Of course, we had to try out all of the different aged versions of it! For science.

img_0311-mediumThe Christmas tree Brooklyn mug looking comfortable in it’s new home.

img_0313-medium They even bottled some cider for us to take home. My man.

img_0314-medium A detailed look at their ‘wine cellar’ area. Old school!

img_0318-medium Jim opening one of the kegs with a hammer.
img_0319-mediumWe took a drive up into the farm to check out the trees they have available.

img_0321-medium Such a beautiful day out!

img_0322-medium The trees stretch as far as the eye can see.

img_0323-medium img_0324-medium Rows and rows of perfect Fraser Firs.

img_0327-medium img_0328-medium We got educated by Jim on the latest farming methods, and tree care tips.
img_0331-mediumimg_0332-mediumThese trees are beautiful when they’re fresh in the ground.

We spend a lot of time looking for the best trees they have to offer. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our Christmas trees (seriously, check out our Perfect Tree Guarantee).

img_0334-medium   img_0337-medium img_0338-medium   img_0343-medium

img_0347-mediumimg_0344-medium    img_0348-medium

“Hey, here’s a nice one!”

img_0369-medium img_0370-medium Morgan being funny. Amazing.

img_0372-medium img_0373-medium img_0374-medium

Jim has some really nice classic army trucks–they have all their original parts, and still run like new!




img_0379-medium   img_0382-medium  img_0384-medium

img_0364-mediumThe workers here are awesome.

img_0385-medium Jim and Morgan talking shop.


img_0367-medium Eventually, we had to leave. Made sure to get a picture with the guys first. Always great doing business with good people like Jim and his dad!



You know it’s Christmas Time in Brooklyn When…

Whether you live here in New York City, or somewhere else in the world, there’s no denying one thing: Brooklyn has one of the most distinctive, beautiful neighborhoods during the Winter Holidays. Take a walk with us through some of our favorite parts, and discover the magic this beautiful city has to offer.

Morgan & Melanie are taking a stroll with me through the neighborhood. Let’s see what’s going on out here in this awesome area of Brooklyn.

You know it’s Christmas in Brooklyn when…

img_0205-mediumWreaths, and trees line the streets everywhere.

You can hardly go a block without seeing Christmas trees and decorated wreaths lined up on a-frames and stacked in every nook and cranny outside of bodegas and markets.img_0206-mediumWe found this Christmas tree stand set up outside of Key Foods in Prospect Heights.

img_0207-mediumAnother Christmas tree stand on Flatbush and 7th Ave. These guys drove all the way up from Virginia to set up here. Welcome to NYC!

img_0208-mediumThe brownstone buildings are decked out with Christmas decorations. Garland, wreaths, and Christmas decor everywhere!

img_0203-medium So many beautiful colors to be seen around the neighborhood. Plenty of beauty to be found. And did we mention all of the awesome wreaths!?




This one had REAL pears in it. I touched one to make sure. They were a little mushy. But very cool all the same!

img_0217-medium img_0216-medium

Morgan strikes a pose on someone’s bountifully decorated stoop. Looking good!


Garland everywhere! Brownstone stoops are the perfect place for these decorative strings of spruce.

img_0211-medium img_0210-medium

Your friendly neighborhood UPS guy Johnny is working crazy hours trying to get everyone their Christmas gifts in time for the Holidays. He is truly the unsung hero of Christmas !

The wreaths and trees are fresh, and full of life. Look at the close up on the Christmas Tree Brooklyn wreath Morgan has at her own home. Alive, and well.

img_0197-mediumimg_0199-medium  Here’s a close-up of Morgan’s tree. Even tree sellers need some Holiday spirit in their homes!

img_0190-medium img_0187-mediumWhen the dogs are wearing their best Christmas sweaters. Caught this little fella with one of our neighbors out in front of the Christmas Tree Brooklyn stand on Underhill Ave.


He thought the camera was food, so it was hard to get him to sit still for a photo shoot!


You can’t get enough coffee in your body. There’s just so much to do! Thanks to our friends at Blue Marble Ice Cream (shout out to Keely, pictured below) we never have to be without the best coffee in Brooklyn.img_0233-medium

For more Christmas tours around Brooklyn and New York City, check out our blog! If you were wondering where to buy a Christmas tree, we’ve got you covered for that too. Head over to our homepage to get started. Happy Holidays!

Soho Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Brooklyn is coming to Soho in Manhattan!

Right now, street prices in the area start as high as $25 per foot–and depending on the time of day, or who’s working, you might get charged as much as $70 per foot!

We don’t think that’s right.

That’s why we’re offering better trees, for less, AND giving away delivery at no extra cost!

Our trees start at just $12 per foot. For a 6 foot tree, that’s only $72. And our quality is guaranteed. If you don’t like anything about your tree, just let us know within 24 hours and we’ll replace it for free.

Whether you buy your tree from one of our stands around NYC, or online on our website, you’ll always get the same affordable price and free delivery service.

We took a walk through one of the Christmas tree stands in the area to get the lowdown on what they’re offering. The trees, wreaths and decorations actually looked really nice–the only thing that didn’t make sense to us was the shocking sticker price.

We heard the sales guy talking to a customer as we walked through–a 6-foot Fraser the customer was looking was going to run them $185. That’s $30 per foot! We have the same tree for just $72.


Some really cool decorations at their merch tent. Some of the Canadian vendors on the street actually make these wood snowmen and reindeer by hand! I think these are the prefabricated kind, though. Still really festive, and fun, though.


More fun decorations. Decorative plastic, and glass ornaments, among others.


The sales guy chatting with some customers. Looks like a very clean, well-organized tree stand! We were very impressed. The only thing that needs improvement is the price.


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