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3 Christmas Tree Care Secrets from Gran Gran

Our grandmother, Polly, is an award-winning botanist and conservationist. When it comes to trees and plants, no one knows better than Gran Gran!

So we spoke with her about some ways you can keep your tree fresh through the Holiday season.

1) Water your tree right away.

“Water is one of the key elements in keeping your tree alive,” says Polly. She explains that once trees are cut they are consistently losing their moisture.

If there’s one thing she could say about this, it would be to “get that sucker in some water right away!”

2) Don’t leave the lights on.

Lights on a tree can dry out the needles faster, leading to more needle loss. “My lights are only on when I’m in the room,” she says. This helps by not adding any heat to the tree when it’s not being admired.

3) Make a fresh cut

“Now, I do this myself, but I expect many people won’t want to–you could probably charge a dollar for it!” Gran Gran exclaims.

Don’t worry, we took care of this part for you. You can keep the dollar–don’t spend it all in one place 😉

Merry Christmas !